Administrátor — July 3, 2015, 10:35 pm

Neither hot weather nor the holiday season affected the interest in popular Irish Comedian Dylan Moran. Both performances were sold out within less than 36 hours. We –  the organizers – are very pleased by this. On the other hand we feel sorry for all the fans whose demand was not met. There’s still plenty of you who didn’t manage to get the tickets. Unfortunately the capacity of the venues is limited and the artist’s schedule is full…

We are doing our best to satisfy at least a few more fans – so stay tuned for more updates. And even if we didn’t succeed, we can at least say this  won’t be the last performance of Dylan Moran in the Czech Republic. He really likes to perform for local audience. So keep checking our website and follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We strongly recommend to sign up for our newsletter, the subscribers would get all the latest updates among the first.

Team Radiant Promotions, s.r.o.

Foto: Andy Hollingworth